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Eagle Manufacturing Spill Containment Platforms and Pallets

Eagle Manufacturing - Single Drum Cradle

Description of Eagle Manufacturing Spill Containment Platforms and Pallets

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Chemical spill in just about any setting is a very serious event that needs to be controlled with the right equipment. Eagle Manufacturing has designed Spill Containment Platforms and Pallets, made out of heavy duty HDPE, to withstand day-to-day use and long-term storage of the harshest chemicals. The platforms are constructed with a high capacity to hold from one-to-eight drums, or 10-400 gallons of spilled material. Eagle manufactured containment platforms come in standard and low-profile designs to fit many facilities based on space, height, and other limitations. The Chemical spill Pallets and Drum Cradles interlock, acting as a safety net for secondary spills.

Specialty units from Eagle Manufacturing are also available to suit a wide range of applications for handling chemicals. A drum bogie will protect against accidental discharge during transportation, ramps make loading and unloading pallets easy, and IBC containment units will support up to 10,000lbs and 400 gallons of materials. Some products, such as the Spill Containment Drum trays, come with removable grates for easy clean ups. For transporting large loads, the modular platforms have forklift pockets for mobility; in addition, table and countertop models can be purchased for small laboratories and offices. All of these products meet EPA Secondary Containment Storage requirements (40 CFR 264.175).

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Features and Benefits

  • Constructed of heavy duty HDPE to withstand harsh chemicals all day long
  • High capacity platforms can hold from 10-400 gallons of materials and keeps them contained
  • Pallets and drum cradles interlock to provide ultimate secondary spill protection
  • Platforms are available in both standard and low-profile design
  • Specialty units available to suit a variety of applications
  • Removable grate enables easy clean up after a spill occurs
  • Meets EPA Secondary Containment Storage requirements (40 CFR 264.175)


More Info

  • Maximum Temperature248F (120C)
    Minimum Temperature-148F (-100C)
    MaterialHeavy Duty HDPE
    Standards ComplianceEPA Secondary Containment Storage requirements: 40 CFR 264.175


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