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Eagle Manufacturing Safety Cabinet Shelves, Dividers, and Accessories

Eagle Manufacturing Safety Cabinet

Description of Eagle Manufacturing Safety Cabinet Shelves, Dividers, and Accessories

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Eagle Manufacturing has designed quite a few different kinds of Safety Cabinets for storing various chemicals and materials. Here, you can find all sorts of accessories and parts one would find in any of the standard cabinets to customize one for your own particular uses and applications. Like most models, the shelves are made from Galvanized steel and HDPE to resist corrosion from chemical spills. Organizational accessories such as shelf dividers and poly trays offer the ability to categorize everything in vials and other storage containers for different materials.

When transporting larger objects into the cabinet, a dolly cart and ramp can be purchased for making portability easier and quicker. User control is a great feature with this collection of Eagle Manufacturing Safety Cabinet Shelves, Dividers, and Accessories—you can choose a drum vent for easy dispensing of chemicals, or a brass faucet if the container is horizontal. In addition, electrical fires are protected against with the grounding and bonding wires that will ground dispensing containers and prevent sparks that could cause a fire. Lastly, with the Eagle Manufacturing Self-Closing adapter kit, an already manual-closing cabinet door can be converted into a self-closing door.

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Features and Benefits

  • Constructed of steel and HDPE
  • Various accessories available for functionality
  • Poly tray prevents corrosion and spills
  • Convert manual-closing doors to self-closing doors
  • Ramps and dolly carts to make transportation easier
  • Shelf dividers for separating chemicals and other materials
  • Drum vents for dispensing materials without splashing
  • Brass faucet for dispensing when horizontally stored
  • 18-Gauge Steel metal cabinets and Polyethylene plastic cabinets
  • Meets NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements



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