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5 Ton Rubber Curb Ramp - 4" Height - Electriduct

Description of 5 Ton Rubber Curb Ramp - 4" Height - Electriduct

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Great for hand trucks, dolly's, motorcycles, atv's, cars, trucks and other vehicles that need to be transitioned from small elevations found in warehouses, garages and loading docks, the 4" Rubber Curb Ramp is made from molded rubber material aids in traction while supporting up to 10,000lbs.

Light and portable, this rubber curb ramp can easily be tucked away until ready for use. 

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Features and Benefits

  • 4" rise perfect for standard curbs
  • Durable rubber material for all-weather applications
  • Max 5 Ton vehicle capacity
  • Modular design, allows for combining multiple ramps together



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