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Hand Held Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutters - Electriduct

60W Hand Held Hot Knife Set

Description of Hand Held Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutters - Electriduct

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Fast, powerful, and portable, our Hand Held Hot Knives can quickly heat its blade to cut and seal the ends of synthetic material to prevent fraying.

Choose between a 60Watt and 100Watt models, both hot knives can quickly heat up to temperatures of 1200 Fahrenheit making quick work against most PP, PE, PET, NY materials.

The hand held hot knife is perfect for occasional or off-site jobs due to its size and design, making it a versatile tool.  

  • Voltage: AC 110-120V
  • Power: 60W(HS68), 100W(HS18)
  • Temp of Blade: 0-650C

Hot Knife Set Includes: (1)Heater, (1)Blade, (1)Allen Wrench, (1)Cleaning Brush, (1)Carry Case

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