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Floor Enclosures  Floor Enclosures

VCR / DVR Security Lock Box - Kendall Howard

If you are looking for the perfect solution to house security VCR and DVR equipment, then this is a product for you.
from $117.00

Kendall Howard 3110 Series Linier Server Rack Cabinets

Enclosures designed to store and ventilate network systems.
from $840.00

Middle Atlantic RK Series Laminate Equipment Racks

Install multimedia equipment overhead with secure and stylish enclosures.
from $7.42

Middle Atlantic SR Series Pivoting Rack Enclosures

Pivoting enclosure for cable concealment and equipment storage.
from $46.71

Middle Atlantic Preconfigured ERK Series Enclosures

Ready-to-go rack enclosures for DIY multimedia installations.
from $35.96

Middle Atlantic DRK Series Cable Management Enclosures

Heavy-duty rackmounts for network cable installations.
from $1,023.12

Middle Atlantic ISRK Under Desk / Mobile Presentation Rack

A convenient cabinet that can be stored under your desk.
from $207.44

Middle Atlantic Slim 2 Series Sloped Desktop Racks

Low-profile desktop rack enclosure.
from $53.80

Middle Atlantic ERK Stand-Alone Enclosures

Middle Atlantic ERK Stand-Alone Enclosures are high quality, configurable and available in many sizes such as 35RU, 40RU and 44RU with a complete line of accessories and cooling options.
from $435.08

Middle Atlantic Rolling Studio Racks

Professional and modern looking rolling server racks.
from $295.06

Middle Atlantic RDR Series Designer Racks

Home theater racks able to hold up to 800lbs.
from $67.00

PTRK Portable Rolling Racks - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlanticís PTRK Portable Rolling Rack is ideal for applications that require a rugged rack with easy mobility.
from $625.00

MRK Series Rack Enclosures - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic MRK Series Racks are a versatile line of enclosures, ideal for to use where co-location enclosures are needed or easy side panel access arises, or where earthquakes are a possibility
from $700.00

Compact Series SOHO Server Racks - Kendall Howard

Sleek, compact, robust, and mobile SOHO server racks are specially designed for small business, home office, or IT professionals who want more than the bare minimum
from $580.00

Floor Enclosures 400 Series - Quest

For when a wall cabinet enclosure is not enough.
from $569.17

Middle Atlantic SCRK / SCQRK Series Enclosure

Middle Atlantic SCRK enclosures are ideal for applications that need ganging of cabinets for the surveillance or monitoring equipment.
from $720.00

Kendall Howard 3100 Series LINIER Brand Server Rack Cabinets

from $765.29

Floor Enclosures 700 Series - Quest

Features a mesh front door design!
from $809.01

WMRK Series Configured Multi-Vendor Server Enclosure

Middle Atlanticís WMRK multi-vendor server enclosure is a pre-configured enclosure rack that comes with cable management, passive thermal management and a power strip to meet the requirements of server installations
from $1,800.00

Floor Enclosures 500 Series - Quest

Have your choice of a 2 or 3 module design floor enclosure.
from $1,588.07
Wall Enclosures  Wall Enclosures

Middle Atlantic Overhead IDF Intermediate Distribution Rack

Mountable overhead power distribution cabinets.
from $45.16

E-PRO Wall Mount Cabinets - Electriduct

Good quality cabinets designed for on surface or wall mounted applications.
from $89.99

VLBX Series Time-Lapse Recorder Lock Box - Middle Atlantic

When security is a high priority secure your Time-Lapse Recorder with this secure lockbox brought to you by Middle Atlantic. Your security surveillance equipment has never been safer!
from $49.98

Wall Mount Cabinets - Electriduct

Mount them on the wall or place them on a shelf, either way, these wall mount network cabinets make a great addition for your office needs.
from $59.99

Middle Atlantic CableSafe Data Wall Cabinet

Rackmount for cable management and datacom.
from $50.23

PPM Pivoting Panel Mounts - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic's Pivoting Panel Mounts are the ideal choice for wall mounting patch panels and network equipment.
from $57.24

Middle Atlantic HDR-4 Horizontal Distribution Rack

For cable management and wire access, store components in this HDR-4 rack.
from $72.39

Middle Atlantic Zero Clearance Latch

Store computer equipment and wiring safely with this pivoting rack.
from $72.53

Middle Atlantic RK Series Laminate Equipment Racks

Install multimedia equipment overhead with secure and stylish enclosures.
from $7.42

Security Wall Enclosures - Kendall Howard

Selection of high quality wall enclosures idal for sensitive networking appliances in wiring rooms.
from $117.00

200 Series Wall Mount Enclosure - Quest

Security locks, mounting screws and a fan for cooling is all included in this series cabinet.
from $170.00

100 Series Wall Mount Enclosure - Quest

Unlike other storage cabinet options, security key locks and ventilation fans come standard with these cabinets.
from $189.99

Kendall Howard Fixed Wall Mount Cabinets

from $195.00

EZ 600 Series Wall Mount Enclosure - Quest

The Wall Mount 600 series is made compact for the convenience of saving space.
from $208.99

DLBX Series DVR Lockbox - Middle Atlantic

from $212.70

EWR Series Wall Mount Rack - Middle Atlantic

The Middle Atlantic EWR series wall mount rack is not only an economical option for installing smaller systems, it offers an unparalleled quality for use in secure and non secure environments.
from $222.80

300 Series Swing-Out Wall Mount Enclosure - Quest

Built for convenience, the front door is reversible, which can open on the left or right hand side.
from $245.99

Middle Atlantic DWR Series 19" Wall Mount Rack

Middle Atlanticís DWR Series wall mount racks are ideal to use when floor space is limited and you are installing a larger system, its pivoting sectional and enhanced cable management features will work perfectly in secure and none secure environments.
from $442.58

Kendall Howard Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinets

from $390.08

Middle Atlantic SWR Series Shallow Wall Racks

Slim wall enclosure for networks in small spaces.
from $396.68

Kendall Howard 12U Corner Wall Mount Cabinet

from $403.78

Middle Atlantic TOR Series Tilt Out Wall Rack

A low-profile rack enclosure for tight spaces.
from $410.00

WRP/WRS Series Low Profile Wall Cabinets

Easily accessible cabinet for small spaces.
from $11.64
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