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ERICO CADDY Low Voltage Versatile Thread Impression

Description of ERICO CADDY Low Voltage Versatile Thread Impression

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ERICO Caddy Low Voltage Thread Impression bracket is a stress free remedy for all low voltage cable wire needs. You no longer need to purchase multiple size and shape brackets and may be used for all renovation projects! ERICO Low voltage mounting plate bracket saves you time and money. All you need is ERICO drywall thread impression bracket to use for speakers, audio/video, electrical signs and any multigang low voltage cable wire.

ERICO Low Voltage versatile thread impression may be placed anywhere an electrical box is not needed! ERICO CADDY may be use with drywall sizes 1/2" or 5/8" and is trouble-free to install. ERICOs low voltage dry wall impression is made from Spring Steel material for additional protection and sturdiness and may be used with #6-32 screws or #6 sheet metal screws to install.

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