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Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors - RPS

2 channel rubber cable protector

Description of Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors - RPS

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Low cost and high performance, this is what Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors are about! Offering cable protection almost as good as its polyurethane counterparts, these heavy duty cable ramps provide great traction from the rubber material and considerable weight prevents unwanted movement.

Each model incorporates connectors to extend its range for specific applications and the dense rubber supports vehicle traffic in various environments.

  • CP-RPS-517-(5 channel) has mounting holes for permanent installation.
  • CP-RPS-326 -(3 channel) has mounting holes for permanent installation.
  • CP-RPS-236-(3.6" Two Channel) has polyurethane lid for durability.
  • CP-RPS-212-(small 2 channel) has notches for permanent mounting.
  • CP-RPS-212 -LT/-RT-(45 degree turns) Turn direction from female to male end

For the Mechanical Testing Sheet, look in the "More Information" Tab.

Load Capacity: 10,000 - 18,000 lbs/axle (varies by model)

Attention: Like all rubber made products, sometimes an out gassing odor may be present since these units are brand new. This odor will dissipate in time (few days to a few weeks). We recommend you air them outdoors before placing them indoors.

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Amazing Prices 11/28/2016
Reviewed by: Nathan Dixon from Spartanburg.
After looking around for cable channels can withstand a good deal of weight and are durable, it was a relief to see the great prices available by Electriduct. If you're looking for inexpensive and quality, this is the place to go.
Demanding Clients 10/15/2015
Reviewed by: Harrison from Ohio.
We use these cable protectors all over the country in high traffic situations. Our clients are very demanding in regards to guest safety, these satisfy out needs.
Perfect cover 3/1/2015
Reviewed by: Michael P. from TX.
Perfect cover for a shore cord for a vending trailer, thanks! Fast delivery too!
Excllent 1/23/2015
Reviewed by: David v from Fontana ca.
These Utes are exactly what we bought from another retailer at double the price the quality is superb and we got them very quick.
Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors - RPS Review 7/11/2014
Reviewed by: Justin Minotti from General Electric, NY.
Heavy duty and perfect for larger electrical cables. A bit bulky to move around but need to be for rigidity. All and all a good product.
cable protecor 4/23/2014
Reviewed by: David from missouri.
Very nice cable protector. Can not beat the price. I use these every show have not had one fail . Very nice product.
Cable protector 7/26/2013
Reviewed by: Dan Hone from Minneapolis, MN.
Works great! Just what I expected. The only thing I would mention is these things must have just come of the production line because the off gassing was pretty strong when I opened the package. We are using them inside a warehouse so I just set them outside during the day for a couple days and they were fine. It's been 2 weeks since I put them down and not a hint of odor from them.


More Info

Mechanical Testing Sheet: Download (.pdf)


Click the "Specifications" tab for product dimensions.

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