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FireFly® LED Illuminated Cable Protector

FireFly® LED Illuminated Cable Protector
FireFly 5 Channel Cable Protector with Yellow Lid and Black Base (Part: CP-FFLY-532-YL/BK-R)  
Designed with more features than any other Cable Protector on the market, FireFly LED Illuminated Cable Protectors are the first battery powered LED cable ramps in existence. This exclusive cord protector uses rows of red Light-Emitting diodes (LED) running along the side ramps to alert pedestrians and vehicles of what lies ahead. Fairs, carnivals, camp grounds, and other events can all use the FireFly hose protectors to prevent tripping accidents because the standard safety green color lid provides visual notice in the day, and the bright LED lights command attention at night.
Constructed of cast UV stabilized polyurethane, the FireFly's can withstand vehicle traffic up to 21,000 lbs per axle making it perfect for construction sites. Use the Dog Bone Connectors to attach multiple FireFly protectors for those long cable runs and the pre-drilled mounting holes can be used for a more permanent set-up.
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