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Fixed and Free Spring Electrical Wire Connectors

Free and Fixed Wire Connectors

Description of Fixed and Free Spring Electrical Wire Connectors

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To splice multiple electrical wires, a marr connector usually comes in handy. Fixed and Free Spring Electrical Wire Connectors are now available in multiple colors to color-code your wire terminations. Made out of hard plastic shells, these caps are protective and flame retardant, UL listed and CSA certified for safety. Steel square wire springs reside in the wire nuts to secure the new connection.

Fixed spring wire connectors come in five different colors, and they all work with a specific AWG range - these wire connectors accept #22-10. Free spring wire nuts handle AWG sizes from 22 to 6, and come in three different colors. Free spring electrical wire connectors are different than fixed spring; there is no need to twist the connector when securing the new connection in contrast to the fixed spring. In addition, free spring connectors are known as “winged” whereas fixed spring wire nuts are known as the “standard” type.

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Features and Benefits

  • Flame retardant shells
  • Steel, square-wire springs
  • UL Listed, 486°C
  • 105°C (221°F) temperature rating



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