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Pet Wrap Braided Sleeving (Flame Retardant)

Description of Pet Wrap Braided Sleeving (Flame Retardant)

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Flame Retardant

PET Flame Retardant Wrap is perfect for applications that require multiple wire breakouts or access to specific sections of wiring for rework.

It provides the same flexibility and abrasion resistance as the PET Expandable Braided Sleeving but with the added feature of a hook and loop closure running the length of the material. This allows you to work on segments of the cabling, rather than having to remove the entire covering and rerun all of its contents.

With a higher level of heat resistance, Flame Retardant PET Wrap offers added protection against fire with an organic flame inhibitor.

Available in diameters from to 2 and comes standard in black with a white tracer.

*Any item ordered by the foot will NOT be returnable.

Accessories available including scissors, hot knives and installation tool.

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Features and Benefits

  • Maintains continuous operating temperatures of -103 F to 257 F, and a melt temperature of 446 F
  • Hook and loop closure running the length of the material
  • Can be special ordered in diameters from to 2, and in black, white or beige.


Pet wrap braided sleeve 8/9/2016
Reviewed by: Hassan fahmie che lah from Pasir Mas.
Easy to use and high quality product..very recomended


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