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Greenlee Steel Fish Tape and Winder Case

Greenlee Steel Fish Tapes

Description of Greenlee Steel Fish Tape and Winder Case

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Fish Tape is great for many uses, definitely for pulling cables and feeding wire. So what to do when the job is done? You wind it up, and a great way to finish the job is with the Greenlee Fish Tape Winder Case. Made out of high-impact nylon, the case and handle are durable and comfortable to use.

You have complete control over the winder while operating, and winding up the fish tape takes no time at all. For complete security and a maximum life-span, the Greenlee Steel Winder case is impact-resistant and features retaining straps inside to ensure a secure fit. If you’re hoping for a quick and clean job, then you have no worries here— this taping has a dirt-free finish. The Greenlee Steel Fish Tape with the winder case, and solo, is available for purchase below.

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Features and Benefits

  • Durable, long-lasting, one-piece, high-impact nylon handle
  • Handle provides user control
  • Easy-winding thanks to self-tensioning case
  • Impact-resistant case features viewpoints for ensuring tape fits and is secure
  • Fish tape has a dirt-free finish for keeping product and hands clean



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