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Grip Guard Cable Protectors

Grip Guard 5 Channel Cable Protectors

Description of Grip Guard Cable Protectors

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What's so different between the Grip Guard Cable Protector and it's other polyurethane counterparts, Light-weight! Using a closed-mold manufacturing process, with high impact absorbing polyurethane and a well thought-out design, the Grip Guard cable ramp only weighs in at 12.75 lbs for a full size 5 channel cable protector and 23 lbs for the 3 channel model!

This cable protection system bursts onto the scene with new patent-pending features like:

  • Gripper Connector System (ergonomically designed to fit you hand)
  • Snap Fit hinged lid (no fiberglass rod required to replace lid)
  • RoHS and SVHC Compliant
And standard features like recessed carrying handle on the underside, molded in warning symbols, 5-bar tread pattern and bright safety colors (green and yellow) to name a few.

With all these features and the benefit of being ultra light weight, saving money on shipping, reducing setup time, and increasing efficiency, the future of cable protection is here.

Load Capacity:
5,000 lb/Tire
10,000 lb/Axle

MaterialPolyurethane (UV stabilized)
Operating Temp
-40F to 120F (-40C to 48C)
Safety Symbols
Per ANSI. Z535.3-1991

US HTS / Schedule B# 3926.90.9995

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