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GRIP WRAP Adjustable-Diameter Braided Sleeving

Description of GRIP WRAP Adjustable-Diameter Braided Sleeving

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GRIP WRAP Adjustable-Diameter Braided Sleeving is made of a braided polyethylene material that is tightly braided to shield cables from cuts and abrasions. Adjustable to different diameters which means no more worrying about cables not securing into one braided sleeving. Rest assured that your cables or wires are wrapped tight and sheltered with the hoop and loop strip that is low profile so it doesnt add thickness to the wire wrap. No need to use spot tape or heat shrink the ends of the Grip Wrap sleeving because of self-sealing system that allows the braids to keep their form.

This high quality adjustable braided sleeving is resistant to many different chemicals and tested to withstand high temperatures.

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Accessories available including scissors, hot knives and installation tool.

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Features and Benefits

  • Grip Wrap design provide for clustering of more cables
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Evaluated to withstand multiple chemicals
  • Hoop and loop strip ensures tight wrap
  • Self-sealing system eliminates need to shrink wrap or spot tape
  • Tight polyethylene braids provide for stronger cable shield

More Info

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Chemical Resistance
Strong Bases Little Effect
Hydraulic Fluid
No Effect
De-Icing Fluid
No Effect
Strong Oxidants Little Effect
UV Light No Effect
(ASTM G-21)
No Effect
Alipahtic Solvents No Effect
Weak Bases No Effect
Salt Water
No Effect
Lubricating Oil
No Effect
Strong Acids Affected
Esters/Keytones No Effect
Petroleum No Effect
Salts No Effect

Operating Temperatures
Minimum Continuous -94F/-70C
Maximum Continuous
(ASTM D-2117)
Physical Properties
Monofilament Thickness
(ASTM D-204)
Flammability Rating UL94
Recommended Cutting Hot Knife
Colors Black
Wall Thickness 0.025"
Tensile Strength - Yarn
(ASTM D-2265) lbs.
Abrasion Resistance Medium
Specific Gravity
(ASTM D-792)
Moisture Absorption %
(ASTM D-570)
.1 - .2
Hard Vacuum Data
(ASTM E-595) at 10-5 torr
TML 0.19
WVR 0.16
Smoke D-Max
(ASTM E-662)
Outgassing Medium
Oxygen Index
(ASTM D-2863)


*100FT Lengths are actually two 50FT lengths

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