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Guard Dog 3 Channel Drop Over Cable Protectors w/ Dog-Bone Connectors

Guard Dog 3 Channel Drop Over Cable Protectors w/ Dog-Bone Connectors
Guard Dog Cable Protector  

Ideal for providing a safe crossing for vehicles and pedestrian traffic in public, commercial and industrial applications. Cable protectors minimize tripping hazards and cover cords, pipes, conduits, cables, and hose lines that are permanently installed or mounted to the ground or floor. Perfect for use in fairs, amusement parks, or carnivals.

Built with over 21,000 lbs of crushing force, three channels each 1.56 inch in diameter (two extra wide channels to accommodate various quantities and sizes of lines), and interlocking dog bone connectors for longer runs.

These lightweight, 18 length drop over cable protectors are easy to store, transport, setup, and disassemble in service/ utility trucks. Guard Dogs are manufactured from polyurethane (UV stabilized) to ensure durability in all kinds of weather. In addition, drop overs are designed with a patented 5-bar tread surface which provides maximum traction, as well as available in high visibility orange and black.

Meets 2008 NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements for minimizing the tripping hazard as well as meets the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for ADA accessibility.

Warning: Drop-overs should be used only on flat surfaces. Protects from above but does not prevent abrasion from below.

Attention: Guard Dog Drop Overs interconnect with Guard Dog 5 Channel protectors and accessories, and are also compatible with Cross Guard ADA Ramps.

US HTS / Schedule B# 3926.90.9995

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