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Heat Shrink End Caps & End Caps with Valves

Heat shrink end caps.

Description of Heat Shrink End Caps & End Caps with Valves

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Specifically used with Heat Shrink Tubing at the end of Wires and Cables.

These Heat Shrink End Caps provide an easy and efficient way of sealing, insulating and shielding cable or wire ends.

The ideal heat shrink temperature for the end caps is around 275F (135C). Applying the heat shrink end cap can be simple and hassle-free. Its always good to make sure the cable or wire is clean and free of debris before you place the heat shrink end cap over the exposed end.

When it comes to durability these end caps rank very high in quality. When looking for that extra protection against damage and moisture, Heat Shrink Cable End Caps is the ideal solution.

Heat shrink end caps with release valves are used for sealing high voltage and pressurized cables and to release expanding gases created inside cables due to storage, transportation and climate changes.

*Sold individually and only available in Black, please call for bulk ordering.

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Features and Benefits

  • The End Cap is adhesive lined to bond with the heat shrink it overlaps
  • Hot melt adhesive seals and insulates in one step to speed installation
  • Adhesive lining will prevent moisture penetration, allowing for long term storage of cable
  • Forms pressure-tight seal on ends of communication and power cables
  • Shrink ratio of 3:1 insulates a wide range of diameters and irregular shapes
  • Cross-linked UV resistant material improves chemical and temperature resistance
  • 3 to 1 shrink ratio, so only 6 sizes are needed to cover a range of 0.16" to 5"
  • Continuous use temperature of up to 110 C
  • Shrink temperature of 120-135 C
  • Dual wall end cap, with internal wall of hot-melt adhesive provides excellent bonding to plastic and metals.
  • Capable of sealing the entire surface of a cable or wire


HEAT SHRINK CAP 0.75" 5/18/2016
Excellent product, did the job!!!
Heat shrink end caps 3/18/2014
Reviewed by: Kenneth Smith from Horse Shoe NC 28742.
This is a super product, I ordered one as a test for a end cap for wire loom. The item shrinks as specified and makes a great companion for the 1 inch white non slit wire loom. The item has a glue inside the first portion for a seal, and it seals good around protruding wires. Will buy more to finish my 24 strand Mega Tree. Service from Electriduct was excellent and I received my shipment in 2 days. Very pleased customer.
Heat shrink end caps 8/7/2013
Reviewed by: Gary from Georgia.
These caps are a welcome (wonderful) addition to anyone that wants a little extra protection for their "loomed" wiring projects or "heat-shrunk" cable leads. In addition to the added protection, the caps give your projects a cleaner more finished look. Highly recommended.
Satisfied with Order of 50 HSEC-200 Heat Shrink End Caps 5/1/2013
Reviewed by: Eugene Zack from Phoenix Telecom Solutions project in Tulsa OK.
I want to give a big thanks to the staff at Electriduct for getting my order turned around so quickly for a requirement that came up suddenly on our project in Tulsa. The heat shrink caps worked fine, just as described by the salesperson's additional input. I was pleased with the quality and will look to Electriduct for future orders when required.
Heat Shrink End Caps & End Caps with Valves 1/6/2013
Reviewed by: G B Rubin from Virginia Beach, VA.
Solid performers at a great price!
Project Manager 5/1/2012
Reviewed by: David Sakamoto from Walnut Creek, CA.
Product was worked as advertised. Product was shipped on time and error free! Very good experience. I would use them again.
Purchasing Agent 1/25/2012
Reviewed by: Virginia Electronic Systems from Virginia Beach, VA.
Thank you for the product we are extremely satisfied with our End Caps. They are exactly what we wanted.


More Info

ORDER REF. NUMBER AS SUPPLIED (mm) After recovered (mm)       Cable
Standard length end caps D (Min) D (Max.) A (10%) L(10%) Dw (5%) Diameter
12/4 12 4 15 40 2.6 4 10
14/5 14 5 18 45 2.2 5 10
20/6 20 6 25 55 2.8 6 16
25/8.5 25 8.5 30 68 2.8 10 20
35/16 35 16 35 83 3.3 18 32
55 / 26 55 26 50 103 3.5 28 48
75/36 75 36 55 120 4 45 68
100/52 100 52 70 140 4 55 90
120/60 120 60 70 150 4 65 110
145/60 145 60 70 150 4 70 130
160/82 160 82 70 150 4 90 150
200/90 200 90 70 160 4.2 100 180

Technical Data :
Operating temperature IEC 216 -55 ? to +110 ?
Tensile strength(psi) ASTM D638 > 14 MPa
Elongation at break (%) ASTM D638 > 400%
Density ASTM D792 1.05
Elongation at break after aging 150 / 168hrs > 300%
Dielectrict strength IEC 243 > 15kV / mm
Volume resistance IEC 93 > 10

Adhesive Data:
Water absorption
ISO 62
Softening point
Peel strength (PE)
DIN 30672
Resistance to fungus and decay
ISO 846


Sizes are approximate and may vary by a few percent.

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