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Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve Crimpless Terminator - Electriduct

Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve Shield Terminals

Description of Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve Crimpless Terminator - Electriduct

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Used to make the perfect termination when connecting wires without crimping, heat shrink solder sleeves use 3 materials (solder, heat shrink, glue adhesive) to provide maximum pull-out strength, excellent conductivity and helps prevent corrosion.

Easy to install with just the use of a heat gun (must have enough heat to melt the solder), simply overlap the exposed ends of the wires and center the solder preform of the shield solder sleeve over the center conductors.

Now heat the solder preform until it melts onto the center conductor. Then heat the ends of the termination sleeve for a water tight seal.

Material: Transparent Modified Polyolefin, Glue Ring, Solder Ring
Operating Temperature: -55C-125C
Fully Recovered Temp: 130C
Temp of Solder Starting Melt: 125C
Temp of Full Solder Melt: 150C
Voltage Resistance: >600V

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heat shrink solder sleeves 10/31/2016
Reviewed by: wayne graham from New Hampshire .
Great product!! makes my job much easier and with less failures of connections, make that no failures!
Worked fantastic 7/22/2016
Reviewed by: Robert M from Louisiana.
I bought the blue connectors. When I received them I thought they looked like they were going to be too big. The shrunk down to the perfect size after I heated them over the wires. I have used the more expensive tyco Raychem connectors and these worked just as good for 1/4 of the price. I am very happy with how these connectors performed.


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