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Hook Channel Cable Raceway

Hook Channel Cable Raceway

Description of Hook Channel Cable Raceway

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Simplicity is a must when it comes to cable management and the Hook Channel cable raceway is just that. Made from a sturdy plastic material and combined with a strong adhesive backing, this Hook Channel will safely hold cables and cords found around desks, walls, baseboards and entertainments systems while hiding unattractive cabling.

Using a one piece open top hook-shaped design, cables can quickly be inserted and removed making it the easiest to use cable raceway system.

The Hook Channel is available in 2 sizes (small and large)and comes in 59" lengths that can be cut to fit different applications.

Item is paintable.

For dimensions please click the "Specification" tab.

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small black hook channel raceway 8/31/2017
Reviewed by: Valley Satellite Service from Visalia, Ca..
The item arrived quickly due to expedited shipping. Packing was very good. We use this for running multiple cat 5 cable in a high end clothing store in a mall. Very easy to use. The job turned out very good looking and the customer was very pleased with the results. Thank you for making this job come out so good. I will most certainly use this product again.
Beige Hook Channel Cable Raceway 11/25/2016
Reviewed by: Richard from Alameda, California.
We received the product in long (5') boxes and all of it was nicely protected, wrapped in paper inside. They will be used for our side and rear speakers to our surround sound system. We will be mounting it along our baseboards, which themselves haven't been installed yet. We just installed new carpeting (beige) and painted the living room walls&ceiling in a near-match. The quality of the cable raceways is just fine and will add a nice touch to the living room.
Hook Channel Cable Raceway 6/17/2015
Reviewed by: Alex Martino from 399 Hoes Lane, Piscataway NJ.
product works great
MHO table boxes 5/8/2015
Reviewed by: Rodney from Seattle, WA.
MHO are great table boxes. Electriduct did a great job helping us do custom boxes. Great service and competitive pricing!


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