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Ideal Fish Tape Accessories

Ideal Steel Fish Tape Accessories - Replacement Leader

Description of Ideal Fish Tape Accessories

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Many of the Ideal Steel Fish Tape products are built tough to stand-alone and get the job done. However, sometimes a project requires more than one tool or a singular function. That's why Ideal has designed their cable installation devices to be adaptable and use other devices to perform different jobs.

Here, there are five products that many Ideal Fish Tape tools can make use of. Replacement leaders are self-explanatory, the S-Class replacement is relatively similar but is meant to be used with Fiberglass Fish Tape Field Application Repair Kit listed below. Much more information about these products can be found in the "Specifications" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Standard and specialty accessories for several Ideal Fish tape tools
  • Gives the option of pulling multiple wires at once
  • Swivel prevents wires from twisting
  • Most accessories have 500lbs tensile strength



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