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Ideal SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connectors

Ideal SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connector

Description of Ideal SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connectors

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Splicing wires isnt very hard to do, but ensuring that a new connection has been formed is unknown until you test it. SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connectors from Ideal make it easier to examine the new electrical bond. Constructed from transparent polycarbonate, this small, orange splicing connector creates a window for visual confirmation of an established connection.

Designed with push-in technology, a crimping tool is unnecessary when splicing two wires together, avoiding damage in the process. If thats not enough to ease a wary mind, a check port is included for testing the continuity of a new butt splice or wire connection. Ideal SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connectors comply with a range of AWG for both solid and stranded types of wire.

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Features and Benefits

  • Crimp-free and tooless
  • Transparent orange color to inspect connection/termination
  • Low insertion force required
  • End-to-end connection
  • Accepts wide variety of AWG

More Info

Ideal SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connector Dimensions
 Voltage (general) 600V max
 Voltage (signs/luminaires)1000V max 
 18AWG Insertion Force 3lb (13N) max
 1/2" KO (0.875" hole)3 simultaneous 
 3/4" KO (1.13" hole)5 simultaneous 
 Temperature105C (221F) 
 Strip Length1/2" (12-13mm) 
 ColorTransparent Orange 
 Standards and Specifications
 UL 486C, UL 467 Grounding
 CSA C22.2 #188
 RoHS Compliant
 UL 94V-2 Flame Rating
 US Patent 7.507.106
 Other US & Foreign Patents Pending
 Wire Range
 Stranded12-16AWG (< 19 strand) 
 Tin Bonded14-18AWG (< 19 strand) 
 Height14mm (0.57") 
 Length24.3mm (1.0") 
 Width10.34mm (0.41") 
 Opening1/2" KO 


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