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Ideal Tape-Pak Gold-Fish Fish Tape

Ideal Tape-Pak Gold-Fish Fish Tape

Description of Ideal Tape-Pak Gold-Fish Fish Tape

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Ideal Industries has made some interesting products, and this one definitely shines for cable installations. Flexible, Tape-Pak Gold-Fish Fish Tape can bend at any angle while it pulls cables through or around walls. Made with a brass-plated finish, the Gold-fish tape will not rust or corrode from wet operations. Donít worry about how much youíre pulling with this fish tape; it has 600lbs of tensile strength.

Carried around in a winding case, the Ideal Tape-pak is wound up easily without kinks or jams. No matter how long you store the Gold-fish tape, whether for hours or years, it will always hang straight and ready for another project. The case itself is textured for a sure grip during handling and moving around. Replacement tape and additional accessories for the Ideal Tape-Pak Gold-Fish Fish Tape are available below.

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Features and Benefits

  • Brass plated finish will help fight rust and corrosion
  • Flexible and can bend in any direction
  • 600lbs of tensile strength
  • Tape is always straight, even after being coiled for long hours at a time
  • Tape winds back easily without kinks or jams
  • Textured case provides a sure grip when handling
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty



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