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Ideal Twister® 341® Tan Wire Connector

Ideal Twister® 341® Tan Wire Connectors

Description of Ideal Twister® 341® Tan Wire Connector

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Ideal Twister Tan Wire Connectors are a little different from the average wire nut; these are all about user safety. Made of polypropylene, Twister wire joints can withstand 600V of electricity, are designed with a skirt to provide dielectric protection and guard against combustion, and of course Ideal wire connectors are UL listed and CSA certified. The outer shell will resist up to 221°F, which is “ideal” for high temperature environments.

The skirt and ribbed grooves in the cap give the user a better grip over the marr connector during installation. Spliced wires are also protected by these tan wire joints; the square wire expands and adjusts to the size and shape of the new connection, encasing it in a vibration-resistant shell. If you plan on using tools for installing Ideal Twister Wire Connectors, their hexagonal shape is perfect for standard nut drivers.

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Features and Benefits

  • Works with AWG 3#22 - 3#8
  • Dielectric protection
  • Spring adjusts/expands
  • Withstand up to 600V
  • Withstand up to 600V
  • UL Listed E5238; resists up to 105°C (221°F)
  • UL 94 V-2
  • CSA Certified
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty


More Info

IDEAL Twister® 341® Tan Wire Connector Dimensions
17/64"29/64"23/32"23/64"1 1/8"


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