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Ideal Wire-Nut Wire Connector Socket

Ideal Wire-Nut Wire Connector Socket
Wire-Nut® Wire Connector Sockets  

When installing wire connectors, the process can become a bit tiring for your hands. Although most are built to be user-friendly, a day on the project site is bound to wear someone down. Thats why there are tools like the Wire-Nut Wire Connector Socket. This wire joint apparatus is an accessory tip that can fit onto any hand or electric tool with a 1/4 inch channel. Setting up wire nuts just became a lot faster and easier.

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For Ideal Model 451 and 452 connectors.

Wire Combination Range:
14 thru 10 AWG
Min. 2 #14 (2,5mm² to 6,0mm²)
Max. 3 #12 & 1 # 14 (3-4,0mm² w/ 1-2,5mm²)

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