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Ideal Wire-Nut Wire Connectors

Ideal Wire-Nut Wire Connector 71B

Description of Ideal Wire-Nut Wire Connectors

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Ideal is stepping up the game for wire joints with their Wire Nut connectors. Made of self-extinguishing plastic in case things get a little heated, these splicing connectors are rated by UL and certified by the CSA, two organizations that test for electronics safety. A fixed inner wire spring is designed to secure a spliced wire connection ranging from 22 - 8 AWG, and keep it tight for continuous transmission.

Ideal Wire-Nut Wire Connectors are very versatile; they twist on to stranded and solid wire pairs, can be removed and reused for electrical maintenance, and will work with multiple types of applications that range from 300-600V of power. Available in 5 colors, you can color-code any set up by size, function, or whatever makes sense for your project. Additionally, installation and wire termination is easy with the gripped shell of Ideal butt splice connectors. Even better, the socket below will make wonders of your work time and is compatible with all of the models available.

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Features and Benefits

  • Fixed inner wire has a secure grip
  • Works with stranded and solid wire
  • Reusable for multiple applications
  • Works with 22 - 8AWG
  • UL486 and UL94v-0 Rated; withstands up to 221°F (105°C)
  • Available in 5 colors



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