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Ideal Zoom Stainless Steel Fish Tape

Ideal Zoom Stainless Steel Fish Tape

Description of Ideal Zoom Stainless Steel Fish Tape

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Ideal Zoom Stainless Steel Fish tape is great for quick cable installations, pulling cords through conduits, walls, and ceilings. Constructed with a slippery, nylon jacket, the pull tape will not scratch, get hung up on obstructions, and slides smoothly for a stress-free cable run. Able to pull up to 1600lbs of cable, this Zoom fish tape is very reliable for the toughest jobs. Able to take the heat, and the wet, the stainless steel tape will not rust or retain water.

The pull tape is easily replaceable if ever necessary. While on-the-job, you donít have time to constantly measure how much feed tape youíre using, and luckily, this tape has measurements laser-etched every 12Ē. From 50-200ft, all of that Ideal Fish tape coils up in a very strong, rugged winding case. If the Ideal Zoom Stainless Steel Fish tape wasnít tough enough, this case is just icing on the cake. In fact, itís so secure, that the entire product can survive a fall of 25ft about 20 times.

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Features and Benefits

  • Stainless steel tape pulls through conduit, walls, and ceiling
  • Slick, ultra-hard nylon jacket ensures quick cable runs
  • 1600lbs of tensile strength
  • Stainless steel tape is rust resistant
  • Notched handle keeps tape from being sucked into the reel
  • Tape is easily replaceable
  • Tip of fish tape has an eyelet for attaching cables or eye grips
  • Laser-etched measurements every 12"
  • Rugged case will resist multiple drops as large as 25ft



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