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Insultherm Fiberglass Braided Sleeving

Description of Insultherm Fiberglass Braided Sleeving

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It is important that cables and hoses on industrial equipment, boiler rooms and automotive engines be shielded from high temperatures, abrasions, and other elements in order for components to continue to function properly and last longer. Shielding those cables and hoses with Insultherm Fiberglass Braided Sleeving will give you piece of mind that your equipment is insured with the highest quality flame retardant braided sleeving.

Manufactured from resin coated fiberglass, this heat resistant sleeving is superb against extremely boiling temperatures reaching up to 1,200 F (640 C) preventing high grade cable protector to burn, melt or become frail. Tightly woven fibers make this fiberglass sleeving viciously strong granting added armor against abrasion and other elements. Few dusting occurs when cutting providing a cleaner installation and less irritation on the skin. This fiberglass braided sleeving is RoHS Compliant, Asbestos Free and Halogen Free. Insultherm Fiberglass Braided Sleeving comes in silver or black colors that will enhance the look of your high performance car, show car, motorcycle, or antique car.

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Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from resin coated fiberglass
  • Withstands extreme temperatures reaching up to 1,200° F (640° C) preventing high grade sleeving to burn, melt or become frail
  • Tightly braided fibers add protective shielding and longevity on cables and hoses
  • Attainable in a wide range of diameters to tailor most cable management and shielding demands
  • Minimal dusting occurs when cutting making installation simpler and minimizing skin irritation
  • Available in silver and black.
  • Meets RoHS Compliance
  • Asbestos Free
  • Halogen Free


Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap 6/28/2015
Reviewed by: John from San Diego.
Much cleaner look than exhaust wrap. Same temperature specs. Long term endurance not confirmed. Wall thickness comparable to wrap. 1" for smaller exhausts, 1.5 for larger, I personally would not recommend for larger automotive diameter exhausts, only because it probably would not fit.
Excellent Product 8/14/2014
Reviewed by: Andrew from Tomball, TX.
InsulTherm 1.5" is tough and easy to cut. I'm happy with the quality and expect my project to last and last.
Excellent fire protection for gas hoses 5/29/2013
Reviewed by: Deryn from Washington State.
We have a production glassblowing studio and use this sleeving to protect our high pressure gas lines on our hand torches. It works great and can take direct flame and temps that would melt any gas line. It is also very abrasion resistant ant keeps our lines protected from wear and tear.
Great product 5/28/2013
Reviewed by: Chris H from Round Lake, IL.
This is an excellent product when you need high heat resistance. It's able to stand close proximity to manifolds and headers, great for protecting wires.

More Info

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Nominal Size
Maximum Diameter
Wall Thickness
Silver, Black
Silver, Black
Silver, Black
Silver, Black
1 1/8"
Silver, Black
1 1/4"
Silver, Black
1 5/8"
Silver, Black


Physical Properties
Monofilament Diameter:
(ASTM D-204)
Flammability Rating: VW-1
Recommended Cutting: Scissors
Colors: 2
Wall Thickness: 0.031 - 0.061
Tensile Strength, Yarn:
(ASTM D-2256) lbs.
Abrasion Reistance:
(ASTM D-2256)
Abrasion Test Machine: Calibrase H-18
Abrasion Test Load: 500g
Room Temperature: 73F
Humidity: 55%
Visible Minor Scuffing: 200 Test Cycles
Scuffing And Wear Continues: 300 Test Cycles
Scuffing And Wear Continues: 500 Test Cycles
Several Broken Strands: 1,300 Test Cycles
Material Destroyed: 1,650 Test Cycles
Pre-Test Weight: 19,411.6 mg
Post-Test Weight: 17,154.5 mg
Test End Loss Of Mass Point Of Destruction: 2,257.1 mg
Specific Gravity:
(ASTM D-792)
Moisture Absorption %:
(ASTM D-570)
Hard Vacuum Data: (ASTM E-595 at 10-5 torr)
TML: 0.02
CVCM: 0.01
WVR: 0
Smoke D-Max:
(ASTM E-662)
Outgassing: Low
Oxygen Index:
(ASTM D-2863)
Operating Temperatures
Minimum Continuous: -70C / -94F
Maximum Continuous:
650C / 1,202F
(ASTM D-2117)
1,120C / 2,048F
Chemical Resistance
Aromatic Solvents: No Effect
Aliphatic Solvents: No Effect
Chlorinated Solvents: No Effect
Weak Bases: No Effect
Salts: No Effect
Strong Bases: No Effect
Salt Water: (0-S-1926) No Effect
Hydraulic Fluid:
No Effect
Lube Oil:
No Effect
De-Icing Fluid:
No Effect
Strong Acids: Little Effect
Strong Oxidants: Little Effect
Esters/Keytones: No Effect
UV Light: Little Effect
Petroleum: No Effect
(ASTM G-21)
No Effect
Halogen Free: Yes
RoHS: Yes
SVHC: None
RU: Yes


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