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Jameson Double-Lock Telescoping Pole

Jameson Double-Lock Telescoping Pole

Description of Jameson Double-Lock Telescoping Pole

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Jameson LLC just doesn’t design push-pull rods for wire routing; they also have tools for agricultural jobs. The Jameson Double-Lock Telescoping pole is designed to be used with a triple-edged saw blade to cut foliage like hard-to-reach branches, and can be purchased with a pruner for small protruding twigs. An internal-external locking system keeps the pole extended, and avoids accidental collapsing when in the lock-position. Since Jameson Double-Lock Fiberglass Telescoping Poles are collapsible, that means they can be extended for a further reach.

Lightweight, these fiberglass rods will not crimp or bend under high stress situations, and are ideal for tree care and outside maintenance. Available in three different lengths, you can get one that fits your needs. Most of the models below come with a triple-edge saw blade, making a clean cut with little effort.

NOTE: There is a 3 day lead time on the products listed below..

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Features and Benefits

  • Double-Lock system is made up of internal and external locks to ensure stability
  • Lightweight fiberglass will not crimp or bend under high stress
  • Tri-edge blades provide a cleaner cut with less wear and tear
  • Available in three lengths with three different sawblade combinations
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty



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