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12U Side Mount Wall Rack - Kendall Howard

Description of 12U Side Mount Wall Rack - Kendall Howard

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Traditional wall mount racks are a great addition to any office that needs to hold servers and power supplies; unfortunately, installation for the standard is a little more difficult than it needs to be.

Kendall Howard has designed the 12U Side Mount Wall Rack to make it easier to install and maintain your server and power connections. With the side mount, you can install or leave your electronics in place, then install, disconnect or maintain your connections while the traditional wall mounts don't have access to the back panel, requiring you to remove the electronics to reach the connections.

The Side Mount Wall Rack offers a maximum mounting depth of 20" and uses universal cage nut style rails for different style shelving.

Weight Capacity: 350lbs.

Check out our accessory page for great products that compliment your network cabinet or server rack.

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