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LS4 Resettable Combination Lock Security System

LS4 Revolving Door System

Description of LS4 Resettable Combination Lock Security System

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With the thousands of personal computers stolen everyday, laptop security is becoming more of a priority to the people who own them. Byte Brothers and Qualtec Security Systems has designed the portable security system that will keep your computer safe from opportunistic theft and intrusion.

The LS4 "Revolving Door" Notebook Security System was designed for those who want to lock their notebooks, or a larger group of machines without having to worry about a key. It is a combination lock with 4 dials and a resettable combination. When you no longer like the combination, or if the secret number gets leaked, simply change the combination! Changing the LS4 "Revolving Door" Notebook Security System's combination is simple as long as you know the current combination. Included with this security system is a theft registry property tag from Qualtec to register your computer on their worldwide database; a strap to hold everything together when you are not using it; and last technicians that can custom tailor the LS4 "Revolving Door" Notebook Security System should you have any special needs.

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