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LSDI Fiberglass Push Rods

LSDI Fiberglass Push Rods

Description of LSDI Fiberglass Push Rods

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Pulling wires through small spaces is impossible without the right tools. LSDI Fiberglass Push Rods are built to get the job done in the easiest fashion. Having a diameter of .162, this push pull cable rod will fit in holes as small as 3/8. Wires can be threaded through a pre-drilled hole at the end of the fiberglass fishing rod to make installation a little easier. Built from FiberFuse fiberglass, this LSDI cable pulling rod is incredibly flexible and will never lose its original form.

Finished with a fluorescent green color, LSDI Fiberglass Push Rods are always visible in dark areas. In addition, when installing a cable, you can shine light into the hole, reflecting light off of the pull rod, allowing you to navigate easier. Available in five different lengths, this cable push pull pole is great for close-quarters and long distance jobs.

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Features and Benefits

  • Pass through holes 3/8" and larger
  • Fluorescent green color for greater visibility in dark areas
  • Incredibly flexible and won't lose original shape
  • End is pre-drilled to hold most small AWGs
  • Made from FiberFuse fiberglass
  • Flat-ground end for easy penetration and wire pushing
  • Available in 5 different lengths for close-quarters or long-distance applications
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty



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