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LSDI Grabbit Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

LSDI Grabbit Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

Description of LSDI Grabbit Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

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Feeding and pulling wires arenít too bad, but a few tweaks here and there can turn any cable fishing rod into something better. Welcome LSDIís Grabbit Fiberglass Telescoping Poles, push/pull rods with the patented Z-tip that makes grabbing cords easier without damaging them. One side is for pulling, and the other is for pushing, making this a two-in-one tool. Made out of lightweight, yet durable material, the fatigue and strain of long projects is reduced whilst quality stays top-notch.

Available in 12 and 18ft, both LSDI Telescoping Poles have friction-locking joints keep the pole at the desired length for use. Designed for residential and commercial installation, running and fishing wires through tight spaces is no longer a taxing chore. Whether making use of LSDI Grabbit Fiberglass Telescoping Poles close-up or from far-away, the job gets done, stress-free.

12FT Grabbit Pole:
Collapsible Length - 55"
Extended Length - 12'

18FT Grabbit Pole:
Collapsible Length - 58"
Extended Length - 18'

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Features and Benefits

  • Patented Z-tip grabs and pushes wires without causing damage
  • Includes snap-on LED light
  • Collapsible from over 10ft to under 60"
  • Lightweight and durable design helps to reduce fatigue
  • Available in 12 and 18 foot models for close and long-range applications
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


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