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Low Voltage Pro LVPRO30 - Triplett

LVPRO30 Model

Description of Low Voltage Pro LVPRO30 - Triplett

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The LVPRO is the tool that does it all. This industry leading cable tester is the one tester you need to run a variety of cable testing procedures like, Cable Map, Ethernet Switch Port Blink, Speaker Pop, Cable Length, PoE Volts, Battery Test, 10/100/1000 indication & the ability to print results.

The new LVPRO series includes a new color scheme, adjustable backlit display and the capability to attach Test Modules.

The LVPRO Model 30 & 30SR now come with 10 RJ45 ID Remotes & 10 Coax ID Remotes.

Available Accessories:

LVPRO Video Test Module: This Video Test Module adds even more functionality to the LVPro, adding the ability to test HDMI and additional Coax and BNC tests.

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