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MG Chemicals Electrosolve Contact Cleaner

Electrosolve Contact Cleaner

Description of MG Chemicals Electrosolve Contact Cleaner

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For removing grease, tar, adhesives and flux, all you need is a good cleaner. Electrosolve Contact Cleaner can be used on connectors, contacts, LEDs, and more. All of these electronics can be running faster and better with a quick splash and a good wipe down. Easy to do, choose how much you want to use with the variable valve, spray the contaminated area, and then brush off the residue.

Safe on plastics, Electrosolve can be used on delicate electronics like printed circuit boards (PCBs). This is a great addition to any tool kit, and its portable; very helpful when transporting tools and connectors between work sites. From MG Chemicals, the Electrosolve Contact Cleaner comes in 5oz and 12oz cans. It works even better with the brushes listed below.

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Features and Benefits

  • Enhances equipment performance
  • Variable valve
  • Safe on plastics
  • One Year Standard Warranty

More Info

 Physical and Chemical Properties
 Physical StateAerosol 
 OdorMild hydrocarbon 
 Evaporation RateRapid 
 Boiling Point55C 
 Specific Gravity0.8 
 Vapor Pressure47 PSI @ 21C 
 Vapor Density1.5 (Air=1) 
 Stability and Reactivity
 StabilityStable at normal temperatures and pressures 
 Conditions to AvoidTemperatures over 40C, open flames or high heat
IncompatibilitiesAlkali and alkaline earth metals, powdered aluminum, zinc, magnesium, beryllium, and strong oxidizing agents
 PolymerizationWill not occur 
 DecompositionCarbon monoxide, carbon dioxide 
 Environmental Impact Data (Percentage by Weight)
 CI Solv
 Exposure Controls
 Keep away fromEyes, mouth, nose, and skin 
 VentilationUse adequate ventilation systems to dissipate airborne concentrations to avoid heavy exposure
 Personal ProtectionWear appropriate safety goggles, protective clothing to prevent skin contact, and a NIOSH approved respirator when ventilation systems aren't available 
 Fire Fighting Measures
Flash Point-29C
 Extinguishing MediaUse water spray, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, of chemical foam 
 General InformationWill burn if involved in a fire, may explode if exposed to heat of a fire, vapors may travel to ignition sources and explode.
 Hazards Identification
 WHMIS CodesA, B5, D2B 
 NFPA RatingsHealth 2, Flammability 3, Reactivity 0 
 HMIS RatingsHealth 2, Flammability 4, Reactivity 0 
 EyesMay cause mild irritation 
 SkinMay cause mild irritation 
 InhalationMay cause irritation of respiratory tract. Vapor reduces amount of oxygen available in the air.
 IngestionAspiration hazard. May cause weakness and gastrointestinal tract irritation. 
 ChronicNone known 


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