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MGC No-Clean Leaded Solder

MGC No-Clean Leaded Solder

Description of MGC No-Clean Leaded Solder

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The fastest way to get a soldering project done would require two things: melting at a low temperature and no residue to clean up. Check and check with No-Clean Leaded Solder from MG Chemicals -- made with a special formula that basically leaves no mess, and melts at 183C (361F). Not only does this soft solder speed up your production time, but this no-clean solder wets and spreads like its normal siblings without the splatter and keeps a clear circuit board.

Soldering can be used for multiple hobbies and assignments, such as welding metal joints together, constructing printed circuit boards (PCBs), and commonly reparing network cables. Available in packages of 25 sticks, or in spools, you can purchase a large amount of no-clean solder for industrial work in American Wire Gauge (AWG) 22. No-Clean Leaded Solder gets the job done; no mess, no fuss -- all progress.

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Features and Benefits

  • Special formula leaves virtually no residue
  • Meets J-STD-004 and QQ-S-571
  • Melting point 183C / 361F
  • 22 AWG core

More Info

 Physical and Chemical Properties
 Physical StateSolid
 Evaporation RateN/E
 Boiling Point1380C (2516F)
 Specific GravityWater=1@25C;varies according to composition.
 Vapor Pressure1mmHg@866C
 Vapor DensityN/E
 Stability and Reactivity
 StabilityStable under ordinary use and storage conditions. 
IncompatibilitiesStrong acids and strong oxidizers should be avoided. 
 PolymerizationWill not occur under normal use and storage conditions
 DecompositionMay emit toxic fumes of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
 Exposure Control
 Keep away fromEyes, mouth, nose, and skin 
 Ventilation Use adequate ventilation systems to keep airborne concentrations to a minimum
 Personal ProtectionWear appropriate protective eyeglasses or chemicals safety goggles and protective clothing to prevent skin contact. When adequate ventilation isn't available, wear a NIOSH approved respirator. 
 Fire Fighting Measures
 Auto-ignition TemperatureN/A
 Extinguishing MediaAlcohol foam, carbon dioxide, or dry chemical 
 General InformationClosed containers may explode when exposed to fire.
 Hazards Identification
 NFPA RatingsHealth 2. Flammability 0, Reactivity 0 
 HMIS RatingsHealth 2, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0 
 Eyes Fumes may cause irritation. If exposed to;
Molten Product: Cool burns with plenty of low-pressure water. Get immediate medical attention.
Solid Product: Remove any contact lenses. Immediately flush eyes with large quantities of water or at least 15min. Get medical attention if irritation develops.
 SkinFumes may cause irritation. If exposed to;
Molten Product: Immediately cool skin burns with water and cold packs for at least 15min. Do not put ice directly on the skin. Do not attempt to remove solidified product from the skin with, as damage may result. Get immediate medical attention.
Solid Product: Immediately wash skin with soap and copious amounts of water. Use lotion to prevent dryness. Get medical attention if irritation develops. 
 InhalationMay cause headache, nausea, and muscular pain. If symptoms of overexposure are experienced, evacuate to fresh air. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.
 IngestionMay cause headache, nausea, and muscular pain. If person is conscious, immediately given 2 glasses of water. Do not induce vomiting. Get immediate medical attention.
 ChronicMay cause anemia, insomnia, weakness, constipation, and abdominal pain. Over exposure may cause dizziness and loss of concentration. At higher levels, CNS depression and cardiac arrhythmia may result from exposure. 


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