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Ultra Quiet Fan Panel - Middle Atlantic

Ultra Quiet Fan Panel - Middle Atlantic
Black and Silver Anodized Black and Silver Ultra Quiet Fan Panels  

Capable of cooling 100 CFM with its 4 fan design, our Middle Atlantic Ultra Quiet Fan Panel keep your network equipment from overheating while providing on-the-spot monitoring. You set the temperature alarm to your specific requirements, while the fan speed is coordinated with the temperature of the enclosure by use of thermostatic fan speed control with a digital processor. Located on the front of the server rack fan is a digital display that relays panel rack temperature, current system status and any system alerts. For instance, in the case that your system overheats, the Ultra Quiet Fan Panel displays the alert on its digital LED display and an external alarm is triggered by a remote signal sent from the fan panel.

A 20 gauge steel core and 16 gauge faceplate ensures strength and durability in a 3.5 inch tall frame that only occupies 2U (rack spaces). Built in memory also recalls the user's settings regardless of power loss due to unplugging or power outages.

Perfect for use where noise is restricted or simply a nuisance, our Ultra Quiet Fan Panels work great in libraries, screening rooms, residential electronic systems or media rooms. Available in two different anodized models for your convenience, a black model and a silver model add a stylish but equally potent cooling rack accessory to your network cabinet.

*For additional information check the "Features & Benefits" and the "Specifications" tabs below.

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