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Mille-Rods Push Pull Rods

Mille-Rods Push Pull Rods - Standard Set

Description of Mille-Rods Push Pull Rods

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If your next cable installation requires some high quality equipment then these are the tools for the job. Millepede Push/Pull Rods are made of glass reinforced plastic and can withstand up to 176lbs of pressure. Built with multiple short joints, this low-profile cable pulling rod can bend at many angles and won’t snag as it travels through walls, ceilings, and other conduits.

A super bright LED flashlight is available to attach onto the standard 25ft Mille-Rod set. The LED fits both Mille-Rod sets, runs on AAA watch batteries, and will run continuously for 6 hours at a focused 15° view angle. Designed for amateurs and professionals alike, cable installations don’t stand a chance with Millepede Push/Pull Rods. In addition to this set-up, accessory heads and a tool box, designed for these Mille-Rods, are both available.

For a list of the components in each set, please click the "More Information" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Rods made of Glass Reinforced Plastic
  • Joints tested up to 176lbs
  • LED flashlight attachment screws onto the end of any Mille-Rod
  • Flashlight runs for 6hrs and has a focused 15° view angle
  • Low profile design to reduce snagging
  • Has short joints to provide maximum bending capabilities

More Info

Set ContentsFeatures
Mille-Rod Standard6 x 1m (3.3ft) GRP rods
1 x 130mm (5") Flexi Lead to assist with navigation
1 x Mini Eye for attaching cable
1 x Mini Hook for retrieving cable
Mille-Rod-Standard Tool Box 6 x 330mm (1.1ft) GRP rods
1 x Flexi Lead x 330mm (1.1ft)
1 x Domed Bullet
1 x Mini Eye
1 x Mini Hook
1 x tool box sized carry tube
Mille-Rod Accessory Tube 1 x Domed Bullet
1 x Flat Bullet
1 x Gender Changer
1 x Single Magnet
1 x Push Pull Ring
Mille-Light LED Attachment Mille-Light
Adapter (for 4mm or 5mm thread)
Battery Pack


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