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V-Max UTP/STP Cable Stripper/Cutter/Punch Down Tool

Miniature 5 Adjustable Stripper/Cutter/Punch Down Tool

Description of V-Max UTP/STP Cable Stripper/Cutter/Punch Down Tool

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If youíre a contractor on the go then youíre going to love this nifty little product. Here we have the V-Max miniature 5-adjustable stripper tool, complete with wire cutting and punch-down functions. It weighs one ounce and is designed with a small bend to give you a good grip while you work. At one end are two small blades for placing and terminating wires. In the middle of this miniature adjustable cutting tool, there are multiple grooves and a blade for cutting cables of varying wire sizes, as well as stripping insulation.

This three-in-one punch down is compact, lightweight, and can fit on a keychain. You can use it to cut through American wire gauge (AWG) wires with a thickness of 10-30 mm and (Un)shielded twisted pair (UTP/STP) round cables. If youíre an electrician or work with telephony systems, even better because now you can have a small tool that does everything you need to get the job done. Wire strippers, cutters, and punch-downs canít get simpler.

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Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable settings
  • Multiple functions and compact size
  • Cuts through 10-30 AWG wires and UTP/STP round cables
  • One Year Standard Warranty


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