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NSPA Compact Heat Torches

Self-Igniting Professional Torch

Description of NSPA Compact Heat Torches

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Heat torches always come in handy while on-the-job, and when you have to travel from one site to another, some compact torches would really help lighten your tool bag. Here we have two NSPA heat guns that are self-igniting via the Piezo Electronic Ignition System, but have differing qualities that separate them and their possible uses. The professional torch comes in a brass canister, has a removable base, can burn up to 2500F/1300 C, and on one fill-up can be used for about 220min. The heavy duty torch has a larger flame, much like a propane torch, and thus can burn up to 2600F/1350 C, lasting for around 120min of continuous use.

Both hand torches can be used as a hand held or table top soldering gun. They are conveniently refillable with Master Butane, covered in a protective coat to provide a secure grip, and have a wind-resistant flame. Highly versatile, these heat guns can be applied to multiple situations such as soldering, electrical work, and industrial-grade projects. If youre looking for a set of butane torches to add to your toolbox, youve found it here.

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Features and Benefits

  • Refillable with Master Butane for your convenience
  • Hand held or can be converted into table top stand for jobs that require both hands
  • Highly versatile for use on multiple applications including



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