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NightGlow Luminescent Spiral Wrap

NightGlow-Luminescent Spiral Wrap

Description of NightGlow Luminescent Spiral Wrap

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When wrapping up bundles of cables, two things need to be accomplished: keep them secure and keep them protected. Most cord wraps just keep them out of the way and minimize some abrasion, but NightGlow Luminescent Spiral Wraps secure cables, protect them, and minimize the chance of someone tripping over exposed wires in the dark. Constructed out of 100% virgin polyethylene, NightGlow Spiral Wraps are flexible yet have a firm grip on your cords. Additionally, there are many exit points for cables to breakthrough for simple routing uses.

The Luminescent wire protector wraps around bundles of cables, making installation quick and easy. A beveled edge design prevents both cables and installers from being damaged, and it can be used in a large variety of industrial environments. Any light source can be used to charge up the glow-in-the dark feature of this spiral wrap and its soft glow lasts up to 8 hours. The NightGlow Luminescent Spiral Wrap is available in various sizes for many different cable and bundle diameters.

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Features and Benefits

  • Soft glow that lasts up to 8 hours
  • Can be charged by any light source
  • Constructed of 100% virgin polyethylene
  • Operating temperature from -40F to +280F (-40C to 138C)
  • Available in various sizes to wrap and install over just one cable, or large multi-cable bundles
  • Constructed of strong, flexible material to protect cables


Used for wrapping diesel fuel hoses. 7/18/2013
Reviewed by: Gregg Scott from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada..
This found this product online at your site and was immediately intrigued. I ordered some and tried it, only to discover that not only does this pipe wrap increase the visibility of the hoses with its glow in the dark properties, but its durable plastic construction helps to protect the hoses from wear and damage caused by dragging them around on the rough concrete surfaces on the fuel bays.



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