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The Nite HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

Green Base Nite Hawk Cable Protector

Description of The Nite HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

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Electriduct's Nite Hawk "glow-in-the-dark" cable protector owns the night.

In the day-time, you can see everything making standard cable protectors visible, but what about night-time? Running wires, cables, and hoses are virtually invisible at night and can make for an unseen accident. The Nite Hawk cable cover illuminates a powerful glow to provide a visual notice of what lies ahead.

Concerts, road-work, construction areas, parades, and camping are a few night time activities that can all benefit from the Nite Hawk's unique ability. Indoor or outdoor, the Nite Hawk cord protector absorbs light, and when it gets dark, emits the energy from the lid making it "glow".

This cable ramp is based on the original Hawk Cable Ramp and features all the same benefits! Made from dependable polyurethane, built-in interlocking system, 3 channels, and is customizable, the Nite Hawk brings a great cable protector into the night.

Get this Cable Protector personalized!

We now offer the Nite HAWK to be your own. Choose from an array of colors and have your Name and/or Logo (company or personal) molded into it.

  • Minimum order of 50 applies for personalized name/logo and colors.

Colors available: Unlimited

  • Please call for color combination's

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Features and Benefits

  • Made from Polyurethane.
  • Tensile strength of 5500psi.
  • Built-in interlocking system for infinite length.
  • Ultra-low price.
  • Customizable name, logo and color.
  • Glows in the dark.
  • Up to 10,000 lbs load capacity per axel.
  • Fiberglass hinge won't rust.


More Info

This cable protector by Electriduct has a base constructed out of URETHANE with a durometer/hardness rating of 95A. The tensile strength is rated to 5500 psi giving it excellent dynamics. The lid is molded from URETHANE with a durometer/hardness rating of 65D. The tensile strength for the lid is rated to 4600 psi and is attached to the base using a PVC pin. Together, these materials and a tough structural design help make this cable protector economical while not compromising its function.


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