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NOTRAX 549 Safety Stance Anti-Fatigue Mats

Notrax 549 Safety Stance Rubber Floor Mat in use.

Description of NOTRAX 549 Safety Stance Anti-Fatigue Mats

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The grease resistant rubber compound that the NOTRAX® Safety Stance® Mats is made with can withstand industrial chemicals and oils. The heavy duty "wet-area" large circular hole design facilitates drainage of industrial chemicals, oils and debris.

This rubber floor mat provides safety and comfort to any warehouse, garage, or mechanic shop that may be at the mercy of slippery liquids.

Notrax 549 Safety Stance Mat color is Black with color border options (Orange and Yellow).

Mat thickness: 7/8"

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Features and Benefits

  • Overall thickness 7/8 inch.
  • Three-year warranty against manufacturer's defects (not warranted for use with spike heels or stools).
  • Colored borders comply with O.S.H.A. Code #1910-144
  • Colored beveled borders are permanently affixed to the mat and are available on 3 or 4 sides.


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