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PET Wrap Braided Sleeving

Description of PET Wrap Braided Sleeving

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PET Wrap provides the same flexibility and abrasion resistance as the PET Expandable Braided Sleeving but with the added feature of a hook and loop closure running the length of the material.

This allows you to work on segments of the cabling, rather than having to remove the entire covering and re-run all of its contents.

If your particular application requires a higher level of heat resistance, there is also Flame Retardant PET Wrap, which offers added protection against fire with an organic flame inhibitor. It is also available in diameters from to 2 and comes standard in black with a white tracer.

*Any item ordered by the foot will NOT be returnable.

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Accessories available including scissors, hot knives and installation tool.

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Features and Benefits

  • Maintains continuous operating temperatures of -103 F to 257 F, and a melt temperature of 446 F
  • Hook and loop closure running the length of the material
  • Available in diameters from to 2, and in black, white or beige.


PET Wrap Braided Sleeve Complimented Cable Mgmt for Flat Screen Install 6/23/2013
Reviewed by: Justin Leslie from Vermillion, SD.
This product worked extraordinarily well for my install of my Samsung UN60F8000BFXZA flat screen. I bundled the HDMI's/RCA cables (separate) and power cord (separate) in the zipper sleeves and then zip tied to my Chief PRD-UB mount. Then I used the velcro closer sleeve to bring zipper sleeves into one sleeve. This velcro sleeve was then chased into black 2"X2" surface mount ducting. I could not have paid anyone any amount of money to accomplish this. But I did with Electriduct's products.
PET Wrap Braided Sleeving 11/25/2012
Reviewed by: Travis Sutton from Arizona.
Great product, however, I ordered 5 feet and it wasn't cut with a hot knife so upon arrival both ends had frayed so much I had to cut off at leat a foot and seal.
Awesome stuff 7/13/2012
Reviewed by: Doug from Indiana.
Works like a charm and very easy to work with... Looks great also!
good quality product 6/17/2008
Reviewed by: Todd Derksen from Canada.
Good quality product. would and will purchase again. Use a hot knife to cut and frays are minimal

More Info

Chemical Resistance
Rating Testing Methods
Aromatic Solvents 2 n/a
Aliphatic Solvents 1 n/a
Chlorinated Solvents 3 n/a
Weak Bases 1 n/a
Strong Bases 2 n/a
Salt Water 1 O-S-1926
Hydraulic Fluid 1 MIL-H-5606
Lube Oil 1 MIL-L-7808
De-ice Fluid 1 MIL-A-8243
Strong Acids 3 n/a
Strong Oxidants 2 n/a
Esters Keystones 1 n/a
UV Light 1 n/a
Petroleum 1 n/a
Fungus 1 ASTM G-21*
  1. No Effect
  2. Little Effect
  3. Affected
  4. More Affected
  5. Severly Affected
* MIL-1-744, MIL-STD 810/508
MIL-E-5272, MIL-1-1631

Strength and Abrasion
Tensile Strength PSI
Continuous Operating Temperatures
Abrasion Resistance
Tenacity gms/denier
Typical Elongation
Specify Gravity

Moisture Absorption 0.08 Outgassing Moderate
Smoke D-Max 56 Oxygen Index 21
Toxicity Index 4.2 Specific Gravity g/cc 1.38
Flammability Rating n/a Halogen Free True


Smaller lengths will be continuous.
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