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Panduit® RJ45 Plug Lock-In Device

Description of Panduit® RJ45 Plug Lock-In Device

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Securing data and maintaining network performance at top speed are personal and company goals that can be impossible to reach if not protected efficiently. By just removing an Ethernet cable form its port can have significant effects on a network, especially if connected to a switch, or patch panel. Hackers can easily use that port to install a virus on the network and cause a catastrophic system behavior.

Panduit® RJ45 Plug Lock-In Device is your solution for protecting your rj45 ports from being used to steal data from personal or company networks and hackers from tampering with your network.

This innovative lock-in device comes with its own customized tool for locking and removing rj45 jack from housing, is compatible with most rj-45 jacks to suit many devices, and will not interfere with other Ethernet ports. 2 steps are what it takes to get this rj45 lock to install and provide a second line of defense to your network infrastructure. For all your color coding needs, these rj-45 jack locks are available in 6 different colors.

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Features and Benefits

  • Shields ethernet ports from viruses and hackers
  • Added line of protection for your network infrastructure
  • Attainable in 6 different colors for color coding and easily identifying
  • Comes with custom tool for 2 step installation and removal
  • Compatible with most rj-45 jacks to suit most devices
  • Will not interfere with other network ports
  • RoHS compliant
  • Protects data from falling into the wrong hands

More Info

Flush Mount RJ45 Plug Lock-in Devices
Recessed RJ45 Plug Lock-in Devices
Price: $42.95 Price: $42.95
Flush Mount Height: 0.82" Recessed Height: 0.73"
Flush Mount Width: 0.67" Recessed Width: 0.67"
Flush Mount Depth: 0.56" Recessed Depth: 0.56"
Unit Weight: 0.02 lbs
Available Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Green
Standards and Compliance RoHS Compliant


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