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Powramid Surge Protector

Powramid in green with green light

Description of Powramid Surge Protector

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Blowout Special Price of $13.98 for Green Color Powramid's

The POWRAMID Surge Protector by Kreative Power brings a unique and futuristic look to your power distribution needs. With 6 power outlets on tap around the conical design power strip, each electrical device can be plugged in without worry of blocking other outlets.

The POWRAMID power strip offers surge protection up to 900 Joules and a 15A re-settable circuit breaker to keep sensitive electronics safe from power spikes. This power switch is found on the top of the device and emits a blue/green or amber (3ft, 5ft or 8ft) light when turned on. A transparent plastic cover protects the power switch from falling objects and turning devices on or off unexpectedly.

Light weight and small design (5 inch diameter), this surge protector fits into small areas around the home and office as well as suitcases for the traveler who needs more than 2 outlets and extra protection for his electronics.

  • 8ft cord model comes with amber rocker switch.
  • 5ft cord model comes with blue/green rocker switch.
  • 3ft cord model comes with blue/green rocker switch.

*UL Listed

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Great product 3/3/2016
Reviewed by: Jason from Columbus, Ohio.
This is exactly what our clients needed. We run a small business retreat center and the footprint is small enough not to be intrusive on a table. Highly recommended.
Tracy from Toronto 5/10/2013
Reviewed by: Tracy Day from Canada.
Nice looking and great size. Much better than a standard power bar. Shipped within a few days of ordering with no problems.
Awesome service and product. 12/23/2012
Reviewed by: Neville from Hawaii.
Bought the black powramid and absolutely love it. Gonna order a white one when stock is available.
Wonderful product! 1/31/2012
Reviewed by: Michelle from Neenah, WI.
This product is wonderful for our customer conference rooms. It looks much more professional than the white strip-like power cords and is much more space saving.

More Info

Technical Specifications
Part Number PD-KP-3/PD-KP-5 PD-KP-8
Number of Outlets 6 6
Cord Length 3 Feet (PD-KP-3)/5 Feet (PD-KP-5)
8 Feet
AC Plug Style Straight Right Angle
Safety Switch Cover Included Included
Joules 900 900
Clamping Voltage 330V 330V
Response Time <1 nsec <1 nsec
Resettable Circuit Breaker 15A 15A
On/Off Rocker Switch Blue/Green
Surge Indicator LED Green Green
Max. Spike Current H-N 15,000A
H-G 15,000A
N-G 15,000A
H-N 15,000A
H-G 15,000A
N-G 15,000A
Electrical Rating 125V


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