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V-Max Punch-Down Tool with Spring-Loaded Adjustable Impact

V-Max Punch-Down Tool with Spring-Loaded Adjustable Impact

A Punch-Down Tool is very handy to have when working on telecommunication network systems. If it is compact, lightweight, and spring-loaded then that’s even better. Although this punch down tool has no handle, it is round and shaped like a screwdriver to give you a tight grip when using it. The blades are interchangeable, slotted inside the tip of the punch-down tool and are released with an internal mechanism.

This V-Max Spring-Loaded tool pushes wires into the space between a conductor and block, and secures the wire to activate communication between the two. Designed to terminate 110/88 and 66 connection blocks, you only need a little effort to activate the spring. When working a long job shift, that's a good function to have to alleviate tired hands.

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