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Quad Shield RG6 Copper Coaxial Cables

Quad Shield RG6 Copper Coaxial Cables

Description of Quad Shield RG6 Copper Coaxial Cables

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For a reliable and fire safe video cable, the best choice would have to be a Quad Shielded RG6 coaxial cables. CMR rated, not only are these RG6 cables self-extinguishing, but they prevent flames from spreading from floor-to-floor, a perfect quality for commercial buildings.

Encased in a black PVC jacket, the wiring in these Quad shielded RG6 copper coaxial cables is 3GHz tested, and are a perfect fit for business and residential use. Not only will you be able to transmit data and video with little-to-no interference, but you can also use these Quad shielded RG6 cables for a variety of internal and external wiring for cable televisions.

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Features and Benefits

  • CMR Rated RG6 coaxial cable
  • UL Listed
  • Great for video applications such as VCRs and digital cable
  • PVC jacket sheath
  • 18AWG conductors
  • 3GHz tested


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