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Qwik-Lok Professional Automatic Locking Extension Cord Connector

Description of Qwik-Lok Professional Automatic Locking Extension Cord Connector

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Having to reconnect the extension cord several times during jobs or projects around the house can be time consuming and cost you money.

Qwik-Lok Professional Automatic Locking Extension Cord Connector is engineered from a remarkably enduring lightweight polycarbonate that far exceeds the life expectancy of other connectors making this 125V-15A replacement connector, which can be hard wired to any 10 to 16 gauge extension cords, your only reliable choice for all you commercial, industrial and household needs.

The locking system engineered for this push lock connector eliminates interruption and annoyance when power equipment and extension cords disconnect from each other by locking into the holes in the plug blades and withstanding repeated tension pulls of up to 250 lbs. Disregard possibility of damaged and torn wires from tangled tools and extension cables due to the locking mechanism. The Qwik-Lok also integrates highly conductive beryllium copper into its 10 electrical contacts that will maintain electrical current.

Some of the places where these locking extension cord connectors can be used are: construction sites, trades shows, factories, schools facilities, theaters, stages, farms, automobiles, homes, gardens, etc.

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Features and Benefits

  • Withstand repeated tension pulls of up to 250 lbs.
  • Made from highly reliable polycarbonate material
  • User friendly locking mechanism is highly reliable under the most extreme freezing or boiling atmospheric conditions
  • Easily hard wire 10-16 gauge power extension cords
  • No more dismembered or damaged wires
  • Comes with Solder slot needed for Hospital Grade equipment
  • Distributes electrical current consistently to all your devices for uninterrupted functionality
  • Long lasting replacement connector for power extensions
  • Prevents need purchase additional locking devices


Qwik-Lok Professional Automatic Locking Extension Cord Connector 1/11/2014
Excellent Purchase, Vendor nicely packed this item and delivery was prompt

More Info

Part #
Volt - Amp
Holding Strength
Qwik-Lok Locking Extension Cord Connector
125V -15A
up to 250 lbs.
with 12 ga. cord
0.2 lb


  • 125V 15A Parallel blade Connector
  • Uses any grounded or non grounded parallel straight blade plugs. Holes in the plug blades are required for the locking system to work.
  • Hard wired to any 10-16 ga. extension cords (from .0330" to 0.625" dia.)
  • Transmits 55% of the electricity vs 11-15% of others
  • Internal Contacts: Beryllium copper
  • Locking Method: Strong hard tempered brass mechanical locks are spring loaded to lock into each hole of the plug blade
  • Plastics: Poly-carbonate housing, collar and cap: durable, strong, long lasting and not compromised in adverse working and temperature environments. (NOTE: Some solvents adversely affect polycarbonates)
  • Holding strength: Well above 250lbs with 12 ga. cord . (NOTE: Many OEM PLUGS are not able to withstand such tensions and may result in wires tearing out of the plug. The powered end - the Qwik-Lok, is designed to always remain safe as the wires will not tear out, become loose, or give way)
  • Whip (Cord Restraint): Santoprene
  • Operating Temperature: -60F to 160F, -50C to 70C
    (NOTE: All plastics become more brittle during extreme cold below -10F. Use a bit more care)


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