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Re-Grip Universal Rubber Handle Grip

Description of Re-Grip Universal Rubber Handle Grip

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Bring back the life or improve your new tools with the RE-GRIP Rubber Handle Grip. Using a rubber based elastic material expanded over a helically spun coil, RE-GRIP is easily installed over handles found on hand tools such as brooms, hammers, screw drivers, rakes, shovels, and sports equipment like tennis rackets and other cylindrical or semi-cylindrical handles.

If your a handy man or just doing yard work, because the RE-GRIP's ergonomic design and non-slip grip, you will have better control and reduce muscle fatigue to help to increase production and safety.

*Use the smallest size diameter RE-GRIP that will slip over your tool, handle, lever and more.

Please click the "More Information" tab for additional information and installation procedure.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

Part #
Fits over clearance (in.)
Shrink range min. to max. (in.)
Recommended Min OD
Max OD
Coil Color
Suggested Uses
.63 to 1.3.58 / 1.1
14mm / 31mm
Screw diver, ratchet, small broom, rake and shovel handles, etc.
.76 to 1.6
.69 / 1.5
18mm / 38mm
Hammer, pipe wrench, shovel handle, rakes, etc.
.98 to 2.2
.88 / 1.8
22mm / 46mm
Wheel Barrow, large lever, large pipe wrench, picks, posthole diggers, sledges, flashlights, etc

Installation Procedure:

1. Select proper size RE-GRIP based on indicated size on package.
2. Place RE-GRIP tube over item with pull tab at open end of item being RE-GRIPPED and pull in direction of the Pull Arrow.
3. Hold RE-GRIP in the desired starting position with one hand and carefully pull cord to unwind coil with the other hand.
4. Make sure to locate the RE-GRIP in the desired position once the top few coils unwind and the grip begins to shrink (Note-the grip will no be able to be moved once all of the coil is pulled and the entire grip shrinks)
5. Hold RE-GRIP in position until it has shrunk firmly onto the item by pulling remaining cord.
6. Excess RE-GRIP can be cut for the perfect fit.
*Note: When working in climates below 35 degrees F, 2 degrees C, RE-GRIP will shrink slowly requiring wait time of up to 5 minutes before use, warming by hand will insure stability.


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