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RJ45 Cat5e Plugs - Solid

Cat.5e RJ45 Solid Plugs

Description of RJ45 Cat5e Plugs - Solid

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If you are using a solid wire, then choose our solid type of plug for your voice and data connection. Solid wires consist of only one piece of metal wire.

Microns describe the thickness of the gold plating on the contacts. The thicker the gold plating, the better protection the plug has against corrosion and aging. We offer RJ45 Cat5E solid plugs in 6 and 50 micron. 6 micron solid plugs are perfect for office environments and 50 micron plugs are ideal in dusty and chemical environments.

Available in 2 prong and 3 prong CAT5e plugs. When the solid plug is crimped, the contacts bite the wire like teeth. 2 prongs mean there are two teeth, and 3 prongs mean three teeth and a more secure contact.

The CAT5e solid plugs is 50 micron and 3 prong, meaning it has the best protection against corrosion and has secure contact with the 3 prongs.

For your convenience, we offer both 100 pack and 20 pack of RJ45 Cat.5e solid plugs.

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Features and Benefits

  • RJ45 Cat.5E Solid Plugs
  • 6 or 50 Micron
  • 2 or 3 Prong
  • Color: Clear
  • 25 Year Warranty


RJ45 connectors 8/7/2015
Reviewed by: Joe Murphy from Lakeland, FL.
Have used a few of these already and they had all worked great. The clip holds well and they are easy to see through. If you like to double check before crimping. Only complaint is that shipping was a little slow, but I ordered them before I needed them anyway.


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