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RJ45 Surface Mount Boxes

RJ45 Surface Mount Boxes
Surface Mount Boxes  

The compact design of these durable surface mount boxes make it both easy to install, space saving and convenient for organizing keystones in an efficient and professional manner. Keystone boxes are deal for spaces where you can’t punch a hole in the wall or where face plates do not fit, such as the desk or floor.

Universal mount box shape is compatible with most CAT5 and CAT6 keystone inserts. In addition, the mount box design includes a space for personalized labeling on the ports for organization and an easy open/close snap cover.

RJ45 mount box comes with either one or two ports and each is individually packaged with its own screws for mounting, two-sided padded adhesive tape for hard/delicate surfaces, and a cable tie to help position the cable on the surface.

Available in white or ivory.

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