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Reel-A-Pail® Quickwinder™ Cable Reel System

RAP Quickwinder Cable Reel System RAP50

Description of Reel-A-Pail® Quickwinder™ Cable Reel System

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Managing cables and keeping them untangled can be quite the headache. It would be easier if you could just wrap them up like a hose, and with the Reel-A-Pail Quickwinder Cable Reel System you can! Built with a winding mechanism, the Quickwinder reels in long cables and ropes, and wraps them up into a coil inside its base. Conveniently, the Reel-A-Pail works will all kinds of cables of varying sizes and can hold anywhere from 50-1600ft.

Plus, this retractable cord reeling system prolongs the life of cables by not forcing them to over-extend and keeps them protected from impact and corrosion. Each of the different Reel-A-Pail Quickwinder Cable Reel System bases can be bolted down and mounted for security, and they can all be stacked upon one another to maximize storage space. The small pails have carrying handles and the larger reel systems have wheels to make transportation between sites a little easier.

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Features and Benefits

  • Works with all types of cables
  • Prolongs cable life
  • Solid Steel Base
  • Made out of sturdy HDPE


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